What We Do

We help individuals with barriers to employment find competitive, integrated employment in the community. We help employers find well qualified, competent employees while building a diverse workforce.

Employment Services

We start by identifying the type of job that will best fit the client. Once we know what type of job we are looking for we can create a resume that will highlight the client’s skillset and how that skillset will benefit the employer. A resume should always be framed by a good cover letter so we work on that with the resume. We work on ways to find potential employers, different ways to apply for jobs, following up on applications, interviewing skills, following up on interviews and filling out new hire paperwork. Once the client is employed we work on job retention skills which include a lot of communication based skills.

Supported Employment

When a client has very significant barriers to employment they may need Supported Employment. In this case we may need to work with employers in carving out a job for the client. We understand that it always has to make financial sense to the employer so it’s our job to identify where we can place a person who is receiving Supported Employment services and how it will benefit the employer.

Pre-Placement Training

This is classroom based training covers all job readiness skills, application process, interviewing and job retention skills. This is primarily offered to high school sophomores and juniors. Contact us about having your child participate in the program.